Why has Bottom Line stopped publishing the Money Masters Stock Report?

The special expertise of Vahan Janjigian’s stock picking has been essential to Money Masters. With the increasing time demands of Vahan’s management business serving individual clients, Vahan and Bottom Line made the joint decision to stop publication of Money Masters. Effective 11/3/2016, there will be no additional Money Masters stock reports.

What is happening to my Money Masters subscription?

Your Money Masters subscription has been converted into a subscription to one of the best stock newsletters in the country, Investor Advisory Service. You are receiving the online edition of Investor Advisory Service plus access to the subscriber-only IAS website. In addition, you have been given a 90-day bonus subscription period for free, so that your new subscription to Investor Advisory Service is 90 days longer than the time you had left on your Money Masters subscription.

Does my new Investor Advisory Service subscription cost me anything?

No, it costs you nothing beyond what you already paid for your Money Masters subscription. In fact, since you are receiving a 90-day bonus subscription period, you have gained additional subscription time for free.  When your term is up, you will have the opportunity to continue receiving IAS at their then-current renewal price.

Who publishes the Investor Advisory Service newsletter?

It is published by ICLUBcentral Inc., a company headquartered in Madison Heights, Michigan that is devoted to helping individuals and investment clubs make better investing decisions that lead to greater profits and financial security. The newsletter employs a team of professional analysts working under the direction of editor-in-chief Douglas Gerlach, president of ICLUBcentral Inc.

Why did Vahan pick Investor Advisory Service to replace the Money Masters newsletter?

Vahan was determined to make sure that former Money Masters subscribers were in good hands, and in his judgment Investor Advisory Service best exemplifies the prudent investing philosophy, sophisticated stock research and caring about customers' needs that he himself would expect.  Founded in 1973, Investor Advisory Service is among a select few newsletters that were named to the Investment Newsletter Honor Roll of the respected Hulbert Financial Digest. Only a handful of investment newsletters were recognized with this prestigious, independent recognition of performance in both bull and bear markets. Investor Advisory Service has beaten the market over the past 5, 10 and 20-year periods—a very rare accomplishment.

When will my Investor Advisory Service subscription start?

Your new subscription starts on 11/3/2016.

How do I start using my Investor Advisory Service subscription and get their stock picks?

It’s easy to start using your subscription to Investor Advisory Service. Just go to this Welcome Page and follow the instructions there to gain access to all of the IAS stock picks and investing advice. Or, if you choose, you can wait for a welcome email that will soon be sent to you by Investor Advisory Service, and then follow the instructions in that email. We also highly recommend that you read the very informative Investor Advisory Service Subscription User Guide.

What happens when my new subscription to Investor Advisory Service expires?

Investor Advisory Service will notify you shortly before your subscription ends, and at that time you will have the option of letting your subscription expire or renewing it at the then-current renewal rate.

What should I do with any stocks I might own that were on the Money Masters list of recommended stocks?

If you currently own any of the stocks that were recommended by Money Masters, you will need to make a decision at some point as to when (or whether) to sell them. That, of course, is an individual decision that can be made only in light of your individual circumstances. At the time of the subscription transfer, 11/3/2016, Vahan Janjigian believes that each of these stocks is selling for less than it is worth. Also as of that date, each of these stocks is held among the portfolios Vahan manages for his individual clients, and his intention is to hold them until they reach their target prices. Of course, for any individual stock, that strategy could change as the situation changes.

Can I still use the Money Masters Web site?

Yes! For your future reference, you will have continuing access to the complete archive of Money Masters stock reports on the Money Masters web site until June 30, 2017. You can log into the site and refer back to any Buy Alerts, Sell Alerts or Stock Updates by using your Money Masters username and password.

 What if I don’t want to subscribe to Investor Advisory Service?

If you decide that you don’t want to receive Investor Advisory Service, you have the option of cancelling your subscription to IAS at any time and receiving a pro-rata refund for the issues remaining, if any, in what would have been your complete Money Masters subscription term.  If you do decide to cancel your subscription to Investor Advisory Service, you can do so here.

What if I have questions or have trouble accessing my Investor Advisory Service subscription?

For any other questions about your subscription or about the Investor Advisory Service newsletter or website, contact Investor Advisory Service Customer Support online or by calling 877-334-2582, Monday through Friday, 9:30 am – 6:00 pm EST.