Important News About Money Masters

November 3, 2016

Dear Subscribers,

I founded the Money Masters investing newsletter back in 2013 for two main reasons - to share my enthusiasm for finding stocks selling for less than they are worth, and to help subscribers become better investors. I'm proud to say that in the nearly four years since then, the Money Masters portfolio has beaten the market, gaining 43.4% while the Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index rose 39%. While that is not a large margin, our market-beating returns came at a time when the overall market was leaping to record high levels - an environment when winning with individual stocks is at its toughest.

That's why it is with very mixed emotions that after much consideration, I concluded that the time demands of my management business serving individual clients would no longer allow me to produce the Money Masters newsletter. Therefore, as of today, I have stopped publishing the Money Masters newsletter and will not be producing additional Money Masters stock reports—however, I have arranged something very special for you instead.

There are very few investment newsletters being published today that not only share my philosophy of rational, patient investing but that are also proven to have benefitted subscribers with market-beating stock picks. One of those rare, very high quality newsletters is Investor Advisory Service edited by the brilliant Doug Gerlach, and I am pleased to tell you that not only have I arranged with the good people at Investor Advisory Service to immediately extend their full subscription service to all of my subscribers—but I also prevailed upon them to add a bonus additional 90 days to everyone's subscription. This means that whatever remaining term was in your Money Masters subscription has been transferred to the Investor Advisory Service newsletter for that remaining term plus a 90-day bonus.

I also asked Investor Advisory Service to make it easy for you to start using your new subscription. All you have to do is go to this Welcome Page and follow the instructions there to gain access to all of the IAS stock picks. I also recommend that you read the very informative Investor Advisory Service Subscription User Guide. And if you have any questions about the transfer of your subscription to Investor Advisory Service, you can access the FAQ here.

I believe you soon will understand why I think Doug Gerlach and his team of analysts at Investor Advisory Service create one of the few newsletters worthy of former Money Masters subscribers.

What About the Money Masters Recommended List?

I want to say a word about the stocks that were on the Money Masters recommended list for which I had not issued sell alerts. If you currently own any of these stocks, you will need to make a decision at some point as to when (or whether) to sell them. That, of course, is an individual decision that can be made only in light of your individual circumstances. However, I can tell you that as of today I believe each of these stocks is selling for less than it is worth, that each of these stocks is currently held among the portfolios I manage for my individual clients, and that my intention is to hold them until they reach their target prices. Of course, for any individual stock, that strategy could change as the situation changes.

For your future reference, you will have continuing access to the complete archive of Money Masters stock reports on the Money Masters web site for quite a long time - until June 30, 2017. I made this arrangement so that you can refer back to any Buy Alerts or Stock Updates that might help frame your knowledge about the stocks.

Resources for You

It has been my privilege to serve all of my Money Masters subscribers in whatever way I could to help you become better investors, and as I said above, I did not make the decision to cease publication easily or lightly. Thank you for letting me help you these past several years.

Again, if you have any questions about the transfer of your subscription to Investor Advisory Service, you can access the FAQ here, and I recommend that you also read the Investor Advisory Service Subscription User Guide. And then if you have any remaining questions about the transfer of your subscription to Investor Advisory Service, you can contact Investor Advisory Service Customer Support online or by calling 877-334-2582, Monday through Friday, 9:30 am - 6:00 pm EST.

My best regards,